Many of our satisfied guests choose to return to Panorama Apartments.

We meet many guests in our apartments have been travelling throughout Greece regularly for many years. For many of those people Poros has become their favourite island or is on their top list.

Why do so many people choose Poros Island as one of their favourite places. It has of course been in our interest to find out the reason for this.

After many years of working closely with our guests we really know what makes Poros Island so special & enchanting.

Is a combination an good balance of factors

Poros is a very green island

First of all Poros is a small island and verry green, but you can come back 10 times and always have something new to discover. This because of Poros close proximity to the Peleponese whereby it gives in the opportunity to visit plenty of interesting places. And do not forget the islands close by with in easy reach as a daytrip from Poros. (You will find more info under "excursions and places of interest" You can also come back a second time and feels like home. Poros island Is small and It takes only a few days to get your beangs and start to relax. Tourism is relatively undeveloped on the island. Therefore there is a good mix between the local people and the tourists. Many guests return to the island an are recognized by the local people.

There is a good selection of traditional taverns & restaurants. You no not have to walk far before passing one.

Poros is close to Athens which makes it both cheap and easy to travel to by your self on a private holiday.

The scenery is just fantastic. Artists have chosen Poros as a place for painting and drawing.

The waters surrounding Poros is verry clean and rarely rough making it safe for everyone to swim.

Importantly, most places are within walking distance.

Safety is a very important factor for many especially families. Poros is safe, it is true that Poros has almost no crime People are friendly and peaceful.

Nothing can describe Poros and Panorama Apartments better than visitors own words and comments.

Please have a look at our guest list to see what many of the guests have to say for themselves.


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